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Mrs Williamson was an existing customer of our Business Finder. After a conversation on the phone in regards to updating her information she asked us is there anything else we can do to help. After a quick site check we found it was not responsive nor mobile friendly.

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Easy to digest information. All links required are easily accessible at the right.   


This was actually a really simple project and Mrs Williamson couldn't of been more helpful throughout the process. She already had a website it was just outdated and was not mobile friendly. 


Wordpress powered which again came in great use as the booking system she uses Free To Book, they already have a plug in. So it was just a case of installing it, copying her link, and all online booking was set up. 


Straight away the site was improved as it now has a responsive slider. All the information about the house and rooms is a available and the booking is simple. This site as long as it continues to be maintained should continue to keep ranking, since the site update. Impressions and positioning on Google has been getting better and better as each week goes by.  

4.84% CTR

17% less CPA

356% ROI

From The Client

“After years of using templates and struggling to produce a website for our Bed and Breakfast myself, I decided to source a company who would produce a professional looking website. Adam from Find Me A Business phoned me, he was pleasant and helpful without being pushy. He offered to send me a sample of a website for our business. I was so impressed with the sample I decided to go ahead. Adam guided through the steps I needed to take to make any alterations to the website myself, he is always been available to answer any queries or help. I have no hesitation in recommending Find Me A Business, I only wish I had found them sooner.”

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